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Wag Rags was started in 2011 by college student and entrepreneur, Chris Voynik. Chris was studying Business Management during his Sophomore year at Thomas College when his mother told him to clean out his closet before returning to school. Chris was left with a large pile of t-shirts that no longer fit. Instead of donating the unused shirts, Chris decided to transform them into a sellable product. 

With inspiration from his two Golden Retrievers, Sydney and Sammy, the Wag Rag was created. The Wag Rag was toxic-free, durable, colorful, and most of all, dogs loved them!

After Chris fine tuned the Wag Rag through trial and error, he took them to his first craft show in Saco. After spending $5 to rent a table, Chris packed his car with a couple dozen Wag Rags and headed south. Within the first hour, he had completely sold out! 

That summer Chris attended craft shows around the state of Maine getting feedback from customers and their dogs. By the end of the summer, Chris decided it was time to take Wag Rags to the next level. The company attended their first trade show, which resulted in over 30 independent retail locations carrying Wag Rags in their stores.


Since then, it has been our goal to provide unique dog toys that both dogs and owners can enjoy. 


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Chris Voynik

Owner and Founder